​could m.i.a and skepta hit the studio together?

During a Periscope Q&A, M.I.A revealed that she had made plans to work with the grime legend in the past, and would also like to link up with Grimes.

by Charlotte Gush
21 May 2016, 12:31am

Having previewed two new tracks from her upcoming, as yet untitled, next album on Periscope 10 days ago, M.I.A has taken to the livestreaming app again to share more details about the record. Estimating a release date of "July, summertime," M.I.A explains that she is "mastering [the album] today, but if I write something, then I'll remaster it I guess". Currently there are 12 tracks, with an edited version of Mia Ola - Foreign Friend -- minus the Lion King opener: "I had to take the Disney thing off, I put Galang in there, I sampled myself".

Explaining that she can't work with any producers in the US because of her visa situation, M.I.A says "Me and Mike Wells were supposed to make a song… I can't work with anyone in the US, because I can't do it on email," adding that, "There was a moment when me and Rihanna we talking about collaborating, but she's on tour in the US and I had to go to Jamaica a lot to work".

Reading fan comments during the live stream, M.I.A says, "Twigs, Kanye, Azealia, Beyonce, Bjork, Lil Kim, Arca. Oh my god, so many people you want me to collaborate with!" and tells the story of her 'collaboration' with Popcaan, where she waited so long in the studio for him to arrive that she made a track about it on her own, called Ghosting.

"I'd like to do a song with Skepta," M.I.A says, responding to a fan comment. "Just haven't got around to it. We're always… actually last time I was going to do a song with Skepta, I got really sick with the flu and couldn't do that". "I'd like to work with Grimes, she's good, I've worked with Skrillex and I've worked with Santi [White aka Santigold] already," she continues, adding "I wanted to work with MHD from Paris; didn't come through. Might work with Zayn, dunno yet". As for what she's been listing to, M.I.A says she's still really into Dej Loaf's record.

Asked by a fan if she likes this album -- potentially her last with her American label -- M.I.A says, "I like this record because… I just felt, by the end of it all, that you can just make a record that's, like, happy about surviving, and not really constantly talk about the fight... I feel like... it's probably better to remind people about survival and surviving than it is about the moment you go to battle. Because you know, that's just a moment, and after that, be happy Fly Pirates!" -- signing off with what sounds like a new version of Bird Song (Parrot).


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