mushpit 8 has arrived!


by Tish Weinstock
24 March 2016, 10:40pm

Born in 2011 out of some intense girl talk sessions, Mushpit is the brainchild of BFFs Bertie Brandes and Char Roberts. But you should obviously know that already. If you don't, then bye Felicia! Just kidding (sort of). Back in its 8th incarnation, this issue is all about what it means to be a young-ish woman when the whole world wants you to grow up. Single, married, or with child, Bertie and Char have got you covered. Of course there are all the regulars: fake ads, Lies You Tell and a sexy male centrefold, but there's also some new stuff too. With Ditto Press' Ben Freeman as creative director, Mushpit's back with a brand new, much more polished but definitely still mad, vibe. It's also 3mm wider and has a great story about eggs, just in time for Easter. Yay! Go, tell your friends, pre-order it, and feel safe in the fact that Mushpit Issue 8 will be with you soon.

What's the concept behind issue 8?
We themed it loosely around motherhood. We were interested in exploring what it means to be a young-ish woman, some of our friends still act like 17 year olds and others are having babies. It's about nurturing, protection, growing up and eggs!

What can we expect to see inside?
All the usual faves like Lies You Tell, a sexy male centrefold, fake ads, quizzes and shoots plus lots of extras, the back pages are more like a 1970's annual now with illustrations, terrible advice and a classifieds page.
Fave piece?
Eloise Parry shot our beautiful cover with Nina, which we adore and Dexter Lander shot an amazing egg story, which Sylvie Macmillian made a magnificent nest for. We've also done a really long piece on the closing of the Margaret Pyke centre, which is really important and definitely relevant to our readers.

Biggest challenge so far?
Making sure the magazines actually arrived on time! There was a big chance that wasn't gong to happen but hallelujah it did so now all we need to do is find a good outfit for the party. Still quite a challenge not going to lie.

Could you tell us a bit about the cover?
We were playing with ideas of reflection, self-reflection, the mirror as a tool and Mulan. We found out about Nina through a friend and both knew she was the perfect Mushpit cover girl. The new logo is the magic work of Ben Freeman of course.

Who is the centrefold hottie?
Shot by Gareth Wrighton and featuring lots of cats, it's pretty much the most perfect centrefold we've ever done. It's a pull out poster and cost us fuck loads of money so we're expecting a huge amount of compliments on the silver metallic finish lol.

Can anyone be one?
Yes. Well. Maybe.

How is it diff from other issues?
Ben Freeman from Ditto Press was our creative director on this issue so it's obviously far, far more polished and makes a lot more sense now, though it's definitely still very mad. We've got three different sections - uncoated front of book for all our funny, mad stuff, our glossy fashion middle and then really legible text pages for once. It's also about 3mm wider than usual. Yay.

What next?
Drinking and partying at Ditto with all our friends and contributors thanks to the 46 bottles of delicious rum that Sailor Jerry just sent us. Is it too early for one yet?

Mushpit 8 launches tonight at Ditto Press

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Char Roberts
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