​don a costume, grab your boo, wolf alice wanna get freaky witch-ooOOooOOo!

Before they send chills down our spines at Vevo’s Halloween party, we quizzed the band on their zombie apocalypse survival skills.

by Francesca Dunn
30 October 2015, 9:03pm

Wolf Alice know how to have a laugh. They also know how to have a good old-fashioned terrifying night in a creepy cabin in the middle of a cold, dark wood. Their recent video for You're A Germ saw Ellie, Joff, Theo and Joel create their own three-minute slasher in which they were attacked from all angles by zombies, axe murderers and chainsaw-wielding clowns. Blood was spilled, limbs were lost and those screams were surely not just for the camera. Ahead of their performance at Vevo's sure-to-be epic Halloween party in Manchester this all hallows eve, Theo creeped us out with his nightmarish chat. 

Why do you think we like to be afraid?
Being afraid is exciting, makes you feel alive. Everyone enjoys being scared a little bit I think, it's an adrenaline rush.

Who would die first in a classic horror movie?
Both Ellie and I would be the first to go, probably just by getting lost and starving, ghouls regardless. Orienteering is Wolf Alice's worst nightmare.

How genuine were your screams in You're A Germ?
Our You're A Germ screams were 1000 percent from our frightened souls. That clown was petrefying.

Who would be best equipped to survive a zombie apocalypse? What's your survival plan?
Joff would do well, he's pragmatic, resourceful and sexy. I would buy wetsuits and leathers to protect from bites. Steal a moped go back to my old flat close the big gates, kill the hippies that live there and hold down the fort Walking Dead style.

What are you guys dressing as this Halloween?
This Halloween we are going 'hyper goth'. It will probably stretch beyond just Halloween.

Have you had any particularly impressive costumes in the past?
I think Ellie once went as Shakespeare. I went as someone on pills last year.

What sound scares you the most?
I reckon the sound of a gunshot is infinitely haunting. Children's singing can be haunting too.

Which is the scariest scene in the scariest move you've ever seen?
The bit in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where Leather Face and his squad are trying to force feed their hostage is horrific. That film unites this band in fear.

Bill Murray in Zombieland vs. Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors?
Bill Murray in Rocky Horror.

You decide to venture down the death metal route - what's your new band name?
The Blood of All Our Dreams.



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