10 things we learnt from louis tomlinson’s noisey interview

Yes, he really still is friends with Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam.

by Georgie Wright
19 July 2017, 4:00pm

Louis Tomlinson doesn't really need an introduction, but we'll do one anyway. The cheeky Northerner got his start on the X Factor with this patchy cover of Hey There Delilah and a prominent helmet of hair, was chucked into a band with four boys he'd never met, sold out four stadium tours and 7.6 million albums with them, inspired a series of erotic fan-fiction, about him and fellow band mate Harry Styles, broke up with the boyband, had a kid, and made it out the other side, racking up an alleged £40 million. What did you get up to between the ages of 18 and 25?

Our mates over at Noisey caught up with the about his past, present, party habits, and future. Here are 10 things we learnt.

He got a taste for the stage from being in a Green Day tribute band
"I do remember that band as the first feeling of being... a performer, I suppose."

He gets fashion advice from his fellow Northern lads
To filter out superficial compliments from people who'd probably say he looks good in a fluoro green tea cosy, Louis asks himself, "How would my friends from Doncaster -- who know nothing about music and fashion -- interpret an outfit or a song or whatever. That has always really helped me. I like to think that if I came out in some awful tracksuit, they'd all tell me about it on WhatsApp, and in three months time I'd be like, 'Thank you for telling me, I looked like a right dick!'"

He doesn't want to come to your star spangled soiree, thanks very much
"What I really can't ever get used to, or really enjoy, are these super geared-up celebrity parties -- where he's there, she's there -- and everyone pretends to be friends like they've known each other for years, like" -- putting on a faux smoozy LA accent -- "'oh, how are the kids?!' but no one actually cares."

But sometimes, partying is the only answer
"It's just such a difficult feeling to come off stage and have this amazing buzz and then be like…'so what now?' You can't just sit on the tour bus and chill."

He really actually still is mates with the ex-One Direction members
"There are often misconceptions, but we're all such good mates. If you look at the X Factor final, when I performed my song with Steve [Aoki], all the boys came to support me, and I didn't know until a couple of hours beforehand."

He's refreshingly unashamed about his reality TV roots
Being asked to play his new single on the X Factor "was such a big fucking deal for me. I felt a real sense of fulfilment doing that."

He loves a girl who can strum a guitar...
"To me, there's nothing cooler than seeing a girl own an instrument"

...so he's moved on from being in a boy band to making a girl band
"It's early days with the label stuff" -- an imprint of Syco that Simon Cowell offered him to run -- "but the girls are my first major project and I'm super invested in them."

Celebrities, they're just like us
"You know, we all have the same problems, that's the bottom line -- they just look a lot different. Those fundamental things that make you feel upset, they're the same."

Discomfort is key
"In ten years time, the most important thing for me is that I'll deliver a good album that people connect with, and then after that... who knows? I'll set myself a new target. As soon as you start to feel comfortable, it's a dangerous place to be in. That keeps my drive up, that keeps me going."


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