video premiere: mick jenkins, get up get down

Mick Jenkins gives power back to the people in a new video featuring kids from the local dance school.

by Hattie Collins
21 August 2015, 4:55pm

Hailing from the deep deep south - Alabama to be precise - Chicago based rhymer Mick has been making a name for himself thanks to breakthrough mixtape The Water[s] and last year's single, Martyrs, which earned him a phone call from Timbaland, and a support slot on the Smokers Club Wide Rollers Tour with Meth and Red. Thoughtful and complex with a beautifully commanding baritone that focuses on social ills, the system and, ultimately, power to the people, Mick's new tape, Wave[s], features the likes of Kaytranada and Lee Bannon, who provide Jenkins with the jazz-smoked backdrop that his stream of consciousness couplets so clearly warrant. 

Today, i-D premieres Mick's latest video, Get Up Get Down, produced by Stefan Ponce and Chicago collective THEMPeople. The video's co-director Nathan R. Smith says, "We came to Chicago with the idea of shooting something positive and motivational within the local community. The three kids we found are huge fans of Mick and students at a local dance school. We wanted to give them a chance to shine at what they do best and have fun with the music." Mick himself adds, "Get up is a charge to get out and do something. To make people put action behind their words. Thats what the kids are doing in the video and I hope it comes across and be understood that way." The woozily dissonant track is accompanied by a beautifully shot video by Nathan R. Smith & Sebastian Sdaigui. Press play and get ready to get on up, all the way up…

Mick's new mixtape, Wave[s], is out on Good Years in Europe and Free Nations/ Cinematic Music Group everywhere else on the 21 August, available from iTunesAmazon and Google Play.


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