premiere: denitia & sene, the fan

Brooklyn based duo Denitia and Sene, who recently signed to Rinse, might be our favourite new two-piece. Found pretty much at the opposite end of the sonic spectrum from Rinse's normal BPM-driven fare, The Fan is typical of the pair's R&B-based electro...

by i-D Team
02 March 2015, 2:50pm

Who is Denitia and Sene? 
We are a creative duo working on different projects and ideas together.

Why is Denita and Sene? 
Because we are fools.

What is Denitia and Sene?
Underground pop. We try out different things that we like and have been lucky enough to have the support of people every time we try something a little differently than how it is currently done.

When is Denita and Sene?
Side FX EP is coming up in March and we are filming and recording other projects we are excited to share this year.....

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