jenny hval's mesmerising new music video was made only by women

'The Battle is Over' soundtracks a very, very dark vision of 1950s suburbia.

by i-D Staff
28 May 2015, 8:32am

Zia Anger

If you haven't yet been welcomed into the world of Jenny Hval, now is the perfect time. The Norwegian singer has released a music video for 'The Battle is Over', which follows women performing 'feminine' domestic tasks while Hval sings "Statistics and newspapers tell me that I am unhappy and dying," until the glossy surface of their routine is excoriated to reveal something much darker. It's a perfect example of Hval's remarkably thoughtful, affecting music.

The music video's director Zia Anger, a frequent Angel Olsen collaborator, offered this beautiful explanation of the clip.

"I guess it goes back to '96 for me, and the 'girl power' mantra I've been repeating since I learned it from the Spice Girls. The female experience is far from singular (and even further from this white, suburban, American-retro dream), yet around every corner there is a common pain, a wisdom of ecstasy, and an obsession with the uncanny that we all share. Collaborating with an entirely female creative team (with the support of a few great gentlemen) gave birth to an exploration of Jenny's song and an inquiry into the sarcasm that pulses through it." Watch it here.


Image Zia Anger

Jenny Hval
zia anger