​get lost in gucci’s latest exhibition dreamt up by coco capitán

For the latest installation of Alessandro Michele and A MAGAZINE curated by’s exhibition, we travel to Beijing to uncover the world of Coco Capitán.

by Milly Heane
06 April 2017, 2:47pm

Coco Capitán

Throughout spring and summer this year, Gucci has teamed up with A MAGAZINE curated by for a trilogy of exhibitions taking place in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taipei. Created under the theme "Blind For Love," this significant collaboration features an extended portfolio of imagery from three different female photographers in each city. Each exhibition includes an immersive projection room displaying a psychedelic, audio-visual collage that brings Alessandro Michele's universe to life.

Beginning at Art Basel in Hong Kong, the first exhibition took place a week ago, showcasing Petra Collins's warm family portraits from Hungary. Next up, Coco Capitán, whose now-iconic travel photographs and handwritings from Florence and Rome were displayed in Beijing. 

"The Color of Italy [above] was inspired by the great quantity of art and art artifacts found anywhere you go in Italy, specially in Firenze," she tells i-D. "When I walk by the streets it's difficult to find a corner that doesn't have a little something." As for Bath Science (below) Coco was inspired by a passage from her diary which she wrote after visiting La Specola in Firenze. "It reminded me of my old days in school discussing Biology and other scientific facts and curiosities," she adds. "It is a reflection on the most philosophical side of science when compared with superstition, religion, and the power of History and Time, that tends to change any human values and belief."

The last show, in Taipei, will consist of an exhaustive portrait of Joshua Tree, by Gia Coppola. Coppola got her mom, Jacqui Getty, to style a Picnic at Hanging Rock-inspired shoot in Joshua Tree, starring Laura Love, Chucky Grant, Lily Stewart, and Augie Calligan. 


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