tom ford used google to cast nocturnal animals

Hey, it works for everything else right?

by Wendy Syfret
18 November 2016, 2:29pm

If you took one thing away from Tom Ford's debut film A Single Man, it's that he is a perfectionist. Press pause at any point in that film and you're guaranteed to be staring at an expertly composed image. Obviously much of this comes down to his preternatural eye for style and beauty, but he's also proved to be a master caster. The same can be said about his new film Nocturnal Animals. Placing American sweetheart Amy Adams as a clinical gallery owner opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Michael Shannon, Ford inverts our expectations and lends to the film's unsettling tone. But when it came to finding the best people for the parts, the designer-turned-director wasn't exactly precious.

Chatting to Vulture he admitted that when casting Laura Linney, another traditionally warm performer, as Amy's equally frosty mother he started by Googling "best American actresses." He followed it up with "Best American actors" and "actors over 30" to make sure his bases were covered. Approaching a movie with the same process people use to find a new moisturizer worked, the actress has attracted wide acclaim for the part. Later in the chat he hints at other upcoming projects, mentioning he had originally planned to follow A Single Man with a comedy. But when he finished writing it, everyone said it was too inappropriate to be made. We're not sure who vetoed it, but we're sure the world is ready for a super tasteless Tom Ford comedy. 

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