adwoa aboah designed a tracksuit inspired by roller disco and tennis players

Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo of L.A. brand Everybody have also tapped art world bon vivant Jean Pigozzi, Insta-fave couple Mae Elvis and Kalen Hollomon, and a 74-year-old chess enthusiast to create garments for their ethical fashion platform’s...

by Hannah Ongley
16 February 2017, 3:15pm

Adwoa Aboah in her "Gurls Talk" merch tee

On Tuesday night, Adwoa Aboah threw a Galentines dance party in Chinatown. The Gurls Talk founder and i-D cover star is a familiar face at fashion week — she had literally just stepped off the runway after walking Coach and Brandon Maxwell — but this season she was also playing the role of designer. Adwoa has linked up with Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo's ethical direct-to-consumer platform EVERYBODY to design the one item she most wants in her own wardrobe: the perfect "boyfriend" tracksuit. "Our reference was roller disco 60s meets a tennis player," she told us before the pink mezcal started flowing at EVERYBODY's NYFW pop-up on Henry Street. "Maybe our next tracksuit gets a Run-D.M.C. hip-hop vibe." One can only hope.

Mae Elvis Kaufman and Kalen Hollomon's EVERYBODY installation

Iris and Carolina were on the design team at American Apparel for over a decade before launching EVERYBODY as an antidote to the fast fashion mindset. After perfecting their own dream item — a 100% recycled cotton "Trash Tee" — they enlisted a circle of old and new friends to expand EVERYBODY's range of ethical fantasy-made-reality garments. Along with Adwoa's tracksuit you'll find wardrobe faves designed by caftan-loving art eccentric Jean Pigozzi, 74-year-old chess enthusiast Prakash Gokalchand, bento rice jar inventor Kiki Kudo, Awesome Book author Dallas Clayton, and fashion-favorite art couple Mae Elvis Kaufman and Kalen Hollomon. Mae and Kalen also decked out the pop-up's neon-heavy basement level with a wall of wigs and mannequins wearing masks in the style of Kalen's Insta-famous superimposed surrealist collages. Tomorrow night, Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis of Me and You will take over the space with work by their equally creative friends.

Adwoa's dream tracksuit is still in the prototype stage, but should be geared to any East Coast girl who's ever spent too long trying on half the stock at Modell's Sports. "I wear tracksuits every day," she said of the "massive" styles she gets from Slausons swap meet in L.A. "I wear men's tracksuits because I think the girls' ones are too girly, but then the men's ones are too baggy, so I always look a bit scruffy when I go out. This one doesn't have a low crotch. All my Adidas tracksuits have a really low crotch or add to my hips. Something's never really right with them." She's currently picking out colors from a book of paint tabs. "We're doing one in dark navy blue, but I'm obsessed with pink so we'll have to do a pink tracksuit," she says like a true semi-reformed Juicy Couture addict. "Probably a dirty pink."

Jean Pigozzi by Harry Eelman

Check out the rest of the collaborations at Everybody's 142 Henry Street location until Friday, and stay tuned for Adwoa's tracksuit drop.


Text Hannah Ongley
Images courtesy of EVERYBODY

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