the soundtrack to your weekend ft. four tet, murlo and king krule

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse
21 April 2017, 3:20pm

Murlo, Tired of You

In the market for some nice video game inspired aesthetics teamed with sci-fi noir visuals? Look no further than UK producer Murlo. This is the lead track from his third EP, Club Coil, and it's real a trip into the imagination of a properly unique artist. He had us at Murlo.

Sporting Life x Sampha, Plastic

Are you okay? Actually, though? Because if not, this'll make things better. Ratking producer Sporting Life has sampled what we assume is his favourite Sampha tune, Process opener Plastic 100°C, in a tribute to the artist. Looped, layered and laid down through an industrial production that sits at almost five minutes long, it's beautiful and danceable. We're going to fall asleep to this tonight and see what we dream of.

King Krule, Untitled/When And Why

King Krule songs are a bit like buses, aren't they? You wait for ages and then two come along at once. Debuted as part of that NTS residency thing Mount Kimbie are doing, they're said to be taken from two different Archy Marshall projects -- Hypnodisc and Edgar the Beatmaker -- but at the end of the day they both just sound like King Krule don't they. No bad thing at all, readers. 

Laurel Halo, Jelly

Given that it's a Friday and we've all been eagerly awaiting new music from Laurel Halo, we think you're probably ready for this jelly. Taken from her forthcoming Dust LP on Hyperdub, it's all about the rambly poetic vocals about drinking too much, a funky beat, and visuals that chase a mad rollercoaster of lyric tape round and round and round.

Hurts, Beautiful Ones

Hurts are back! Fresh from their co-write on The Courteeners' criminally underrated Modern Love, Messers Hutchcraft and Anderson do what they do better than, well, anyone else actually: that is make a song that is as euphoric as it is melancholy, as completely banging as it is restrained, and pair it with a video that somehow tackles hate, love, brutality and beauty all within the same three and a half minutes. What a band, ladies and gentlemen. What a band.

Sigrid, Plot Twist

Nice scarf you've got there Sigrid. Emblazoned with the song title, we assume it's merch and want one soon because, as we told you the other month, we're already big fans of the young Scandi singer. "Plot Twist is about this guy…" she said of the song, her second ever release and an real emotional pop banger. As music fan Chloë Grace Moretz said on Twitter earlier today, "that rasp!"

D.R.A.M., A$AP Rocky & Juicy J, Gilligan

You may remember A$AP Rocky dropping D.R.A.M.'s new one at a Coachella after party last week, as a man in a baseball cap threw tote bags into the crowd. Anyway, it sounded pretty good then and it still sounds good now (with or without totes).

The xx, A Violent Noise Four Tet Remix

"When Zelda's sampled in the kickoff, you know the rest'll be spice," comments one SoundCloud listener. "What sample?" asked another. "It's the sound emitted from the portals that open up after defeating a final dungeon boss in Wind Waker lmao." Impressive. Almost as impressive as this track and its lovely kettle reflection artwork.

Wilma Archer, Like a Hunger ft. Amber Mark

Willllllllmmmmaaaaaa! UK composer Will Archer teams up with New York City based singer/songwriter Amber Mark for this take on the often contradictory nature of relationships. No, he doesn't, yes he does. Okay, that's enough of that.

MØ, Nights With You

MØ's new one is a lovely love song dedicated to her best friend, made in LA with Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder, Cashmere Cat and SOPHIE, which sounds like a party in itself. "We live in crazy times, in a crazy world with crazy expectations to what happiness if, and the pressure we put on ourselves is enormous," the great Dane proclaimed. "Sometimes all you need is someone who knows you well to just demand of you to stop worrying, turn off your phone, go out, get smashed and forget about life as we know it." Happy weekend!


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