the soundtrack to your weekend ft. sigrid, otik and kwaye

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse
31 March 2017, 4:20pm

Danny Brown, Ain't It Funny

This week's Very Good Song/Video Combo Award goes to Danny Brown for a Jonah Hill directed effort in which Detroit's finest rapper plays drug taking uncle to a 1980s sitcom family. Gus Van Sant makes an appearance as the dad and if that wasn't surreal enough, just wait 'til the final scene. We'd take a whole season of this stuff.

Sigrid, Don't Kill My Vibe

Our latest Scandi fave just teamed up with JACK, the directors behind those really colourful Christine and the Queens videos that everyone loved. We met Sigrid the other week and decided that we liked her so much that we'd never, ever intentionally kill her vibe.

KWAYE, Cool Kids

This new kid loves a bit of colour too, but prefers to pair his colour with funky synth-pop. Here we find the Zimbabwe-born, London-raised artist dancing his way through an estate; a pop of colour in director Billy Boyd Cape's grey landscape. Out now on Mind of a Genius.

Azizi Gibson, High prod. by Kamandi

We covered Azizi Gibson's Nintendo King the other day and we're covering this now. Why? Because Azizi Gibson is one of the most intriguing voices in U.S. rap today. He's coming to the UK in May and you'd be wise to keep your ears peeled for a full length later this year. We're into it.

Otik, Danni Minogue ft. Grim Sickers

Well this is a surprising but totally genius collaboration out on Boom Ting Recordings. In what seems to be an ode to Kylie's little sister, DJ Otik and Grim Sickers have made something killer. It's Grim Sicker's birthday today actually. Happy birthday, Grim Sickers!

S4U, Rocksteady ft. 808ink, Jackum, Nick Bam and Linx

Exciting new duo alert! You pronounce it Something4U and they're made up of London songwriters Rosita Bonita and Prinz George. Want to know more? We met them last year.

Diveliner, I Feel Like Britney

L.A.'s Diveliner hit us up to tell us that this lovely track is not just an ode to Britney but also one for when you're feeling and looking super duper fly. Diveliner remembers, he says, getting down to Toxic whenever it came on the radio aged seven, and wishes that more men would celebrate women for their greatness. "So many artists make songs where they compare themselves to male athletes… I'm tryna hear rappers talking about how they're flexing like Yoncé!" His favourite Britney looks are, FYI, "the all denim, the snake at the VMAs, and the shiny silver jumpsuits."

Shame, Tasteless (Happa Remix)

Shame here with your weekly dose of racket, this time aided by Leeds production guru Happa. It's loud, proud and sounds absolutely nothing like the original. A proper old fashioned remix.

BIRTHDAY, We Need To Talk

Nice track title here from our buddies Luka and Fake Laugh under their joint BIRTHDAY alias. Maybe next time you actually need to have a serious chat with somebody, you should just stick this on instead and let the falsetto do the talking.

Mura Masa & Charli XCX, 1 Night

A nice bit of marimba on a Friday here courtesy of Charli XCX and Guernsey's finest Mura Masa. Come to think of it, you don't hear much marimba these days do you? Have some more.


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