peep kate and cara's sexts

Thank you for sharing.

by i-D Staff
24 September 2015, 12:11pm

via @mertalas/Instagram

Frequent campaign co-stars and irl mates - Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss - took some sexy iPhone photos of each other yesterday, and were kind enough to share them on social media. Not their accounts, but that of Mert and Marcus.

This is all for the sake of Mango's autumn/winter 15/16 collection, in which they co-star. The campaign asks you to jump on social media and share a connection you have with someone else under the #autumn/winter 15 collection hashtag. And they really do have #somethingincommon - amongst other things they've both got a few i-D covers under their belts!

via @mertalas/Instagram

Cara Delevingne
mert and marcus