lily-rose depp on mastering makeup at 12

The model and actress talks beauty, her mum's influence and being her friend's go-to makeup artist.

by Wendy Syfret
21 March 2017, 12:19am

In the latest episode of CHANEL Beauty Talks, the house's youngest muse Lily-Rose Depp opens up about her relationship to beauty and makeup. Speaking to global creative makeup and colour designer Lucia Pica, the actress reveals herself to be more advanced than your average teen when it comes to painting her face.

While we might have been struggling to move past Lip Smackers and lashings of kohl at 17, Lily admits she's been working on mastering her looks since she was a kid. For her it all began at 12, when her mum — fellow Chanel darling Vanessa Paradis — gave her a bag full of Chanel products. Since then she's been the official makeup artist to her pals. We can't help but think our own teenage beauty experiments would have been greatly improved by having a friend like Lily.



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Lily-Rose Depp