reclaiming the word 'mental'

You're Mental launches with a gig at Rough Trade, Nottingham this evening.

by Matthew Whitehouse
24 April 2016, 11:46pm

"You never hear someone insult a person by calling them physical," says mental heath campaigner Jake Gollings. "But the phrase 'you're mental' is often used by people, during their pre-swearword days, as an insult." Deciding the time had come to reclaim the word, Jake set up a company, You're Mental, with the aim of putting on events to raise awareness of mental health and money for the charity Mind. "I want to play a part in trying to normalise mental illness, as I know how hard it can be when you're suffering alone and you think that no-one else knows what you're going through," he continues. "People need to start viewing mental illness the same as physical illness, and know that they are inextricably linked." The launch of You're Mental takes place at Rough Trade Nottingham tonight (23 of April) with music provided by Three Body Trio, Phobophobes, Clever Thing, local band Black Shiver and the inimitable Cabbage, with whom you can read our interview from earlier this year here. Entry is free but, if you can make it, donations towards Mind will be welcomed on the door. In the words of Jake: "There should be no shame in suffering from mental illness." Read more about his story here


Photography Wade Morgen

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