city guide: osaka with seiho

Take a trip to the land of the rising sun as Osaka's young musical export shares his favourite hometown hangouts.

by Francesca Dunn
28 March 2016, 10:36pm

Seiho Hayakawa is a 28-year-old producer from Western Japan. Born surrounded by Geishas and Shinto shrines in the ancient city of Kyoto, at age two he journeyed down the Yoda River to the bright lights of Osaka with his family. Known for its 16th century Shogun castle, Dontonbori's running man sign, and deep fried octopus balls (tako-yaki), Seiho is inspired by how avant-garde his hometown is. You might say that he and his city have that in common, the musician's long dark hair reaching down to his waist and his style often entering genderless kei realms with an impressive collection of crop tops.

Dance music hasn't always been a big deal in Osaka, with recent anti-dance laws not helping the cause, but Seiho has played a key role in the burgeoning scene. Having co-founded INNIT, a night that encouraged club-goers to make their own music and bring it along to be played, he has gone on to set up independent record label, Daytripper. When it comes to his own music, he likes to think of his ambient glitchy creations as "electronic jazz art" and favours producing with live instruments and field recordings resulting in a colourful but very real sonic adventure. Now buddies with - surprise surprise - Ryan Hemsworth and with an official remix for Les Sins' Why under his belt, 2016 has so far taken Seiho to play SXSW, Low End Theory in LA and join PC Music's SOPHIE for shows in both the US and Japan. About to share his forthcoming first full-length release Collapse LP, we caught up with our new favourite to get the low down on his secret spots in Osaka...

For eating: 551
"My mother used to buy me their buta-man (pork buns) when I was a kid."

For drinkingI don't drink.

For coffee: take a train to Kyoto for matcha tea & wagashi instead. 
"It's a Japanese tradition."

For dancing:  Circus and Stomp.
"Both clubs are my old friends."

For music:  Jazz Spot 845.
"Been visiting there since I was a junior high school kid."

For escaping Yodo River.
"It's near my parents house."

For record shopping: FLAKE Records and Newtone Records. 
"I just like both shops."

For clothes shopping: Senbayashi and Tenjin Bashi Suji
"Both are shopping streets. I like their cheesy, glitzy vibe."

For a first date:  America-mura 
"It's an American village and a symbol for adoration being adult."

For inspiration:  NMAO.
"It's good for thinking there all day long."

For walking:  Tsurumi Flower Expo Park.
"Good for biking and a great botanical garden."

For people watching: Shin-Sekai.
"There are lots of crazy people there."

For the best views: Kuh-chuh Teien.
"There is an artificial Japanese garden and it's really cool and the view is very beautiful."


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