the exhibition documenting a fictional narrative through polaroids

Photographer Anja Niemi presents 140 peel-apart Polaroids in her latest exhibition.

by Lula Ososki
28 May 2016, 1:49am

Darlene © Anja Niemi

After hearing news that Fujifilm has ended the production of the last peel-apart polaroid film, Short Stories could be the last exhibition of it's kind. Shot over 12 months, Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi worked solely with a 1970s Polaroid camera, which resulted in over 500 polaroids. Niemi then carefully narrowed down the images to create eight dreamy, pastel-tinted short stories portraying a string of connected fictional characters, objects, landscapes and interiors. The photographs will be on display at The Little Black Gallery, as well as in a book published under the same name.

Jean © Anja Niemi

Louise © Anja Niemi

Mona © Anja Niemi

Rita © Anja Niemi

Short Stories by Anja Niemi is at The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk, Chelsea, London SW10 0AJ until 16 June.  


Text Lula Ososki
Photography © Anja Niemi

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