the soundtrack to your weekend ft. yung lean, william doyle and gkr

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by VICE Staff
25 November 2016, 9:49pm

Yung Lean, Hennessy & Sailor Moon (feat. bladee)

Something different but perfect from Jonatan Leandoer Håstad as he hosts the most emotional foam party of all time.

Rex Orange County, UNO

Haslemere, Surrey isn't exactly renowned for its rap heritage but that's no reason to suggest it can't start here with the very promising Rex Orange County. An 18-year-old, singer/songwriter who plays guitar, drums and keys but presumably not all at the same time, we hear a little of Tyler, The Creator and BadBadNotGood in this one. Have a listen and resist the urge to shout "Uno!" before the end.

SIBA, Trumpets Sound Good For Endings

We all know trumpets can go either way. Just the right amount and you get Amy Winehouse Rehab. Slightly too much and you end up with the Jonathan Ross theme tune. Thankfully, Charli XCX approved Danish producer SIBA knows which side his trumpet bread is buttered, playing it safe with a song that contains absolutely zero. Didn't see that coming, did you?

William Doyle, The Dream Derealised

The artist formally known as East India Youth has come to our rescue with a very calming, very beautiful album of abstract instrumentals created when he was going through a difficult period of anxiety, panic and derealisation. "What I told myself at the time, what I can tell you now: You are not in danger. You are not going insane. You are not alone." All money made from sales will be donated to Mind.

Cabbage, Terrorist Synthesizer

We're quietly proud of the fact that we did the first ever interview with Mosely upstarts Cabbage back in February of this year. Since then, the band have gone on to perform a series sold out headline shows, a Maida Vale live session and have rumours of a much coveted spot in the BBC Sound of Poll circling in what we, in magazine land, like to call "buzz". Of course all of that had absolutely zero to do with us and everything to do with the fact that Cabbage are perhaps the most incendiary band in Britain today. Post-punk for the post-truth generation, they've never been more potent than on this, the title track of their third EP in as many months.

Electric Guest, Dear To Me

With backing vocals from the Haim sisters and simple but very nice artwork, we wish L.A. band Electric Guest would write a sweet song about us. This one's crying out to soundtrack a Sofia Coppola movie.

W. H. Lung, Inspiration!

Producer Matt Peel has a very nice thing going on up in Leeds. The mastermind behind a whole host of bands from that neck of the woods - Autobahn, Pulled Apart by Horses, Eagulls and indie stalwarts The Crookes - he brings his magic touch here to the debut single by Manchester outfit W. H. Lung: a maelstrom of ethereal circuits and hypnotic rhythms that's worth every second of its 7:42 running time.

The Linedots, Indigo

Former fencing champion Evangeline Ling and her mate recently decided to make music together. Three tracks into their career and we've already ended up with this lovely sleepy pop tune. Nice work, you two.

GKR, Meira

The last time we saw such fire coming from Iceland it was it was April 2010 and that volcano whose name nobody could pronounce erupted sending ash clouds over Europe and ruining everybody's Easter holiday plans. This time around, we're a lot more grateful. Taken from his new GKR Mixtape, we're obsessed with the Icelandic rapper's self-directed video.

Steflon Don, Real Ting

Last but by no means least comes the title track from Steflon Don's forthcoming mixtape. Featuring a party we'd like to go to, lots of rainbow hair and a surprise DJ Kahled cosign, the record is due to drop next month and we can't wait.


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