Cassie exploring tide pools and avoiding ticks in Quogue, NY. 

eric chakeen's year in photos

The most exciting photographers of 2016 share glimpses of their year in images.

by i-D Staff
28 December 2016, 4:40pm

Cassie exploring tide pools and avoiding ticks in Quogue, NY. 

I started a new project on Pismo Beach, CA and I found this sad, old, beautiful Mustang by the beach.

In October I had the opportunity to shoot my favorite photographer, William Eggleston. We talked about cameras and film. He shot me with Lee Friedlander's Leica while I was shooting him.

Over the summer, [i-D editor] Emily Manning and I went to Fools Gold Day Off to shoot Migos. We shot Lil Yachty at Emily's apartment in February, and he was backstage while we were waiting for Migos. He turned it on for like 30 frames, then left just as quickly.

I was riding around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on my friend's single speed bike with back-breaks in the hilliest city in America. I found some respite in the botanical gardens with all these rare orchids.

In February, I shot Kelsey Lu in Emily's apartment. The light in there was beautiful, and these are some of my favorite pictures of the year.

Another photo from my new project on Pismo Beach. There are these massive sand dunes open to the public directly on the beach. It's used for motorcycles and ATVs, but looks like another planet.

My first book came out this year. This is Miwa from Dashwood Books holding up a copy!

My book was based on my hometown of Del Mar and the horse racetrack there. These palms are lit with the ambient light of the track's parking lot at night.

An outtake of Tommy Genesis pretending not to be blinded by a hot light six inches from her face.

I went hiking in Long Island a few weeks ago and serendipitously found this sad American flag balloon trapped under the ice.


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