Photography Bobrowiec

sies marjan's amazing technicolor dream show

Sander Lak's fall/winter 18 collection for Sies Marjan might be the season's prettiest show so far. Holographic silks and tawny textured knits sure made for some surprisingly serene backstage moments.

by Hannah Ongley and i-D Staff
13 February 2018, 2:00am

Photography Bobrowiec

Sander Lak is a miracle-worker. The designer behind Sies Marjan — named for Lak’s parents — has created a luxury New York fashion brand seemingly out of nowhere. On Saturday, he pulled off another very impressive feat: creating a serenely beautiful NYFW experience in Midtown Manhattan. Sies Marjan’s fall/winter 18 show took place inside the hotel-adjacent Penn Plaza Pavilion, where a secluded loft space was suffused with technicolor neon mood lighting. The slowly morphing colors were perfectly synched to Lak’s stunning collection. Edie Campbell opened the show in the a crystalline aqua silk tunic cinched with a sea of swirling crushed pleats. Other iterations of that piece arrived in brilliant burnt orange, while the dreamy whirl pattern appeared on a slouchy knit sweater. Every look seemed to flow into the one that followed it, from ombré silk pajamas to relaxed pastel suiting. One of the highlights of this chromatic daydream was a holographic trench coat worn with a matching oversized shoulder bag. New luxury for New York indeed.

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