watch erykah badu rap about all the things she would do #forthedick meme

And for anatomical equality, her comedian friend Michael Blackson has some bars #ForThePussy too.

by Roisin Lanigan
26 September 2017, 4:30pm

Image via Instagram

The internet is such a weird place, man. An ever-changing landscape of in-jokes and hilarious memes. You think you've got a hold on it, think you've seen just about every 'cute baby is best friends with dog' video and meme there is, and then another shows up to light up your life and bring you daily snippets of true joy. Today, for instance, it's the #ForTheDickChallenge.

Started all the way back in January (practically ancient history in internet terms), the meme began as Freestyle, a now iconic track by New Orleans Rapper GameOva REEDY about… well, unsurprisingly, all the things she would do for some good dick in her life. If, unlike 1.1m other people, you haven't seen the YouTube video, check it out, in all its inflatable-penises, twerking-on-school-buses glory. It's 3 minutes and 37 seconds you will not regret.

Since then, the song has inspired not one but two Twitter hashtags (#ForTheDickChallenge, and, in the spirit of gender equality, #ForThePussyChallenge), where people share the great lengths they would go to for their preferred genitals. Even Nicki Minaj is tempted to drop her own version.

As if that couldn't get any better, now Erykah Badu is in on the act. In a video posted to Instagram, while "battling" comedian Michael Blackson, Erykah drops an impressive list of things she would do for the dick, including, but not limited to: "Fight Hurricane Maria for the dick / Rob a missile from Korea for the dick / Give up my window seat for the dick / Eat meat for the dick," and, in a nod to her Hotline Bling tribute But You Caint Use My Phone: "Let him use my phone for the dick (Motorola)".

Girl, same.

Erykah Badu
Michael Blackson