cindy sherman just made her instagram public

The original self-portrait pro is taking on selfies.

by Georgie Wright
03 August 2017, 4:55pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

Way before we were literally and figuratively filtering our mundane lives into a sunnier, brunchier, hangover-devoid version via Instagram, contemporary artist Cindy Sherman was using photography to transform herself into a whole raft of different characters — from Hitchcock blondes to men's mag centerfolds to that time you fell asleep poolside sans sunblock. But her masterpieces dig at themes a fair bit deep deeper than us pretending to all our friends that we're totally living an #amaze life 24/7 with an Amaro filter.

Sherman's work explores identity and performance — how we perform gender roles; the construction of social stereotypes; how we interact with the camera; our inclination to adopt characters in real life; the male gaze — basically, lots of themes directly relevant to today's image and Insta-obsessed society.

Which is why it's fitting that the artist appears to be showcasing new work via her Instagram, which was recently made public. The works stand alongside more standard snaps that provide an insight into her actual life, and, on occasion, the two together.

For instance, this snap from what looks like a recent stint in hospital (for all we know the whole account could be performance in itself). Nothing like a stylized selfie to let everyone know that yes, u r ok, hun:

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Or this picture of hospital food, which we're really hoping is 213% fake because it looks wholly, completely inedible:

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We don't actually know if some of the 'grams are part of a new selfie themed series of work or if Cindy's just messing around with filters like the rest us (albeit a far more surreal selection than your basic Clarendon).

Either way, she's definitely worth a follow for a souped up version of the average Insta snap's attempt at self-reinvention and puns.

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Text Georgie Wright

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