watch jemima kirke transform into a man for alex cameron’s new music video

The former Girls star hits the streets of New York for the Australian singer’s new single, Stranger's Kiss.

by Matthew Whitehouse and i-D Staff
02 August 2017, 5:20pm

You know what they say about Jemima Kirke starring music videos -- you wait forever and then two come along at once. Fresh from her appearance in Mick Jagger's Gotta Get a Grip, the artist-cum-actress (artress?) has written, directed and starred in the promo for Aussie crooner Alex Cameron's new single, Stranger's Kiss. A duet with American singer/songwriter, Angel Olsen, it sees the former Girls star transform from the trendy, vintage clothes selling Brooklynite we all know and love into, well, trendy Aussie crooner, replete with slicked back hair and more double denim than a Bryan Adams fan convention. As she pounds the streets of New York looking for her doppelgänger, Kirko finds herself face-to-face with a subway performer that looks suspiciously like Alex Cameron. But is he really Alex Cameron? Or is he just a manifestation of some superficial obsession? He looks a lot like Alex Cameron to us but have a see for yourself below.

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