belfast's young voters talk about the upcoming election, straight up!

With the number of young people in Britain neither registering, nor voting, at a terrifying high, we went across the country speaking to the teenagers and young adults hoping for change. As photographer Paul Wheatley takes to the streets of Belfast, we...

by i-D Staff
06 June 2017, 4:35pm

Jack Daniel Twaites, 21, music student and barista

"I feel like there has been a lot of misinformation spread. I'm supporting the Green Party, in Northern Ireland they're the most representative of my views. What I really want to see, after this election, is there be more equality for everyone." @jacktwaites

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Amy McAlorum, 21, student

 "I am quite hopeful for this election! I'll be supporting Jeremy Corbyn as he provides the biggest voice for the working classes and younger generation. The Disability Allowance is the issue that's really galvanising people I know at the moment. We all want to see more equality, in all ways." @_dolceandbanana

Jack McKeownn, 20, office administrator 

 "I'm nervous at the moment. I'm supporting Labour, as I am a young person who has had to leave university due to financial difficulty. But I'm not sure if they'll win. I really hope Trump goes, that's my biggest thing at the moment. If I had to choose a dream Prime Minister for the UK though, I'd go with Louis Theroux." @jackmckeownn

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Marianna Higgins, 21, history student

"I think this election could turn out interesting. I'm supporting the Alliance Party. As a working class student in Northern Ireland, they best represent me. But I really hope Jeremy Corbyn gets into power. Women's and LGBT rights are really important. And that's what he's for too." @mariannhah

Lauren Hill, 19, artist and waitress

Who are you supporting and why? "I'm supporting the Green Party, because I think they could make a difference in Belfast. But I hope Jeremy gets into power. We need to fight for human rights, and for every minority to thrive in this country." @swimplant

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Jack, 22, student

"I'm feeling quite negative about this election at the moment. I'm undecided about how to vote. I live in a Sinn Fein safe seat. So my vote won't really count. What I'm really interested in are social issues like gay marriage and abortion. I hope Corbyn gets in. He'd be my dream PM." @jacktorney

Brian Weir, 22, studying Law

"This election is quite scary. Ideally I'd vote for the Lib Dems based on social policy. I'm really for cannabis legalisation. My dream PM would Elon Musk though." @brian_weir


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