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by Felix Petty
21 April 2017, 11:50am

Album of the week: Italian Dream House 1989-93
Ha! Gotcha. You thought this week's album of the week was going to something like Kendrick Lamar. In fact, this week, the favourite album of i-D's weekly cultural round-up is this two volume compilation of low-key Italian house classics. This collection, put together by Young Marco, is really quite something, full of delights, lost classics and unheard masterpieces. You thought we were gonna make some Italian stereotype jokes too? I ought to give you a pizza my mind for assuming that.

Meme of the week: Jeremy Corbyn, Damn
Yes indeed, here comes the crowbar-reference to both of the week's defining events, handily mushed together in this rather poignant meme. Both rose to dizzying heights in 2015, and the future of K.Dot and J.Dot may well be defined by the events of 2017. Both are gonna be alright. One has just released a follow-up that will see him quite comfortably ensconced in the cultural and political conversation for years to come, the other is well…

Shopping event of the week: Record Store Day
You love vinyls. They are amazing. Like CDs but bigger, and made of vinyl. Like tapes, but circular and made of vinyl. Like your Spotify Premium account but can be used to impress Tinder dates and new friends you met while hanging around outside NTS in Dalston. Vinyls eh. They are an intrinsic part of your identity as a consumer of music. And lucky for you, it is Record Store Day tomorrow. You can buy plenty more of them. Maybe you can frame one of them? The one with the nice cover. Maybe this Fawlty Towers one? Which you can buy tomorrow, if you fancy it.

Proposed museum of the week: Turkey's 2016 Coup Museum
Never did we think we would be so excited for a museum opening. Roll on 2018, when newly crowned Turkish Emperor Erdogan will open this museum dedicated the victims of the false flag operation he arranged last summer to help justify his continued power grab, crushing of opposition, and demonisation of the Kurdish minority. According to website Turkey Purge, since the July 2016 false flag opposition he has detained 100,000 people, arrested 50,000, shut down 150 media outlets, and sacked over 130,000 civil employees. The museum will also have a cafe and gift shop.

Film of the week: LA 92
LA 92 dives into the febrile atmosphere of Los Angeles in, well, 1992. If, like everyone, your favourite bits of Oscar-winning documentary Made in America, were the bits that explored the social and political situation of the city, you'll be pleased to know this film expands on that era of LA history. LA 92 tells the story of the city through the Rodney King incident, and the riots that followed the acquittal of the police officers who savagely beat him.

Awol Erizku, Nique La Polite, 2016. Image via Ben Brown Fine Arts.

Exhibition of the week: Awol Erizku at Ben Brown Fine Arts
That artist who created those Beyoncé pregnancy pictures you fell in love with on Instagram and instantly turned into memes, is presenting his debut UK exhibition, just opened at Ben Brown Fine Arts. It's titled Make America Great Again, ironically of course, and features future relics indicative of the rather sordid state of American politics under Donald Trump (flags, panther logos, graffiti) to create a constellation of urban resistance. 

Restaurant opening of the week: The Galway Grill
Thank god for Saoirse Ronan. Not content with merely stealing our hearts in The Grand Budapest Hotel and Brooklyn, she has cemented her place as possibly our favourite Irish woman ever by incorrectly tattooing the title to the worst song to have ever been written about Galway onto the body of its evil creator, Ed Sheeran. Turning Galway Girl into a tribute to much loved late night eatery The Galway Grill. Unfortunately, it turns out Saoirse will be starring in the video for the aforementioned song, which is up there with Bloody Sunday as pretty bad crimes committed by the English against the Irish. 


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