​10 things you need to know about roberta einer

We chat to Roberta Einer about her journey from idyllic Estonian childhood to becoming one of the hottest young designers in London, as feminist porn star Jessie Andrews fronts her campaign.

by Tish Weinstock
27 February 2017, 9:55am

Roberta Einer created her first fashion collection aged just 12 years old. Growing up in Tallinn, Estonia, she spent her childhood embroidering, crocheting, and learning to sew with her grandma. By 14 she'd decided that to make her designer dreams come true she'd have to move to London, which she eventually did two years later. A Foundation at CSM, BA at Westminster and a couple of internships at McQueen, Roksanda and Balmain later, and she now has her very own eponymous label - one year after her graduation.

"My label is all about fun, maximalist (not kitsch!) fashion and designing the highest quality of garments," Roberta says. "I try to design every season from scratch, so each collection is really one of a kind. Women who wear my designs are open for a change and seek excitement in whatever they do or wear. I want wearing my clothes to be a fun thing and for women to feel beautiful and sexy." Fresh from her autumn/winter 17 catwalk show, her first on schedule, we caught up with the young designer to find out what's next.

1. She had an idyllic childhood…
"I was born and grew up in Tallinn, in Estonia, to an Estonian-Ukrainian family. It's a tiny country with only 1.2 million people. I spent my childhood playing in our massive backyard in the middle of the forest, and with my grandma teaching me how to embroider, crochet and sew."

2. She could design before she could walk…
"I started making "mini" collections for school fashion shows in Estonia when I was about 12 years old and decided that I wanted to study design in the UK by the age of 14. I knew that I won't have a strong enough base for English and art if I stayed in Estonia, so I started applying to schools to do my A-levels in London."

3. Her earliest fashion memory is all about the colour green…
"I remember feeling very strongly about (neon) green and wanting all my clothes to be green."

4. She is inspired by the world around her…
"I love travelling, the state of mind I'm in and the feelings I have while visiting certain places, and the people who I meet there. I get fascinated with a certain city or a country and research the hell out of it. But my illustrations and graphics are almost always inspired by artists and graphic designers. This season I did an extensive study on Josef Albers' colour theories within his square paintings, last season it was Yoko Honda's graphic, Miami-inspired artworks."

5. The best advice she's ever received is from her grandma…
"My grandma always told me to do whatever makes me the happiest. It's the simplest advice, but making conscious choices whilst I think about that advice really makes a difference. "

6. When she's not busy in the studio you can find her…
"Sleeping in without the alarm clock to wake me, but it rarely happens!"

7. Friends describe her as…
"My friends always find it strange how I'm such a positive person, but actually the positivity feeds off from negativity. I expect very little from things or people, so am always positively surprised."

8. If she could change one thing about the world, she would…
"I'd have made everyone care about nature a little bit more 100 years ago, because that would make such a difference when it comes to global warming. It's crazy how we are killing our own planet daily."

9. The best part of being young and creative is…
"Never being bored."

10. She's got a very bright future ahead of her…
"I really hope that I can keep doing what I do now for many, many years. It's incredible to live a life that you don't need vacation from."



Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Mehdi Lacoste
Styling Rosa -Safiah Connell
Set Louis Gibson
Flowers Rebel Rebel
Hair Shukeel Murtaza
Make up Nichola Mai

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