10 things you need to know about model charlie james

Meet the brace-faced Brit who got his start with Tim Walker and has since flashed his signature smile at Chanel and Opening Ceremony.

by Alice Newell-Hanson and Devin Barrett
23 June 2015, 1:40pm

Thrown into the spotlight by his trademark braces, 17-year-old Charlie James has become one of the industry's freshest faces to watch. Karl Lagerfeld chose him as one of just four male models to stroll through his fall/winter 15 brasserie (Brad Kroenig was serving drinks behind the bar). But even before his first show season, the Londoner had appeared in the pages of American Vogue, posing alongside Edie Campbell in a Tim Walker editorial. And now, with just two seasons under his belt, James has walked for nearly every big name, from Gucci to Opening Ceremony. At Hood by Air last season, his braces were even accentuated by a small gold padlock which hung from his train tracks. It was the defining moment in fashion's unexpected obsession with orthodontia this spring. As the men's collections pick up steam, we chatted with James about his first show season, his braces, and what goes through a young model's mind on the runway.

1. His favorite shows last season were…
"Dior, and then Chanel and Pyer Moss. I love every show I do so it's hard to pick, but the live music at Dior made it so amazing."

2. Right before hitting the runway, he's thinking…

3. On the runway, he's thinking…

4. Charlie's braces are his trademark…
"I've had my braces on for about three years and I think they're gonna be on for a while longer. I thought they were going to have the opposite effect, but it turns out that people book me because of them."

5. He likes to live in the moment…
"I don't like to make plans or think about the future, because you don't know what's around the next corner. I like to enjoy life as it happens."

6. Traveling is one of his favorite parts of modeling…
"I would say Paris and New York are my favorite cities. Paris is so beautiful and calm and [in] New York there's always a party to go to."

7. His first modeling gig was with Tim Walker for American Vogue…
"Tim Walker was my first ever anything! I've worked with him on a few things and it's always great fun. His work is so unique."

8. He likes jamming out…
"When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my family, see my best friends and play my ukulele."

9. He had first season jitters …
"My first season of shows was very scary, but everyone was very nice to me, so it was ok… until I saw the video and realized I couldn't walk."

10. He has big plans for the summer…
"First, I want to just have fun and go to some music festivals, and then I'm going to smash out the whole men's week circuit. Afterwards, I'm going to Tokyo for two months, which will be fun."


Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photo courtesy Jae Foo

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