The Out Already Issue, No. 10, December 82

35 ways to wink!

The i-D cover wink - a graphic representation of the magazine's logo - has become integral to our identity. So we're breaking it down for you, i-D style!

by i-D Staff
08 June 2015, 4:11pm

The Out Already Issue, No. 10, December 82

Terry Jones' i-D wink is possibly one of the most genius pieces of graphic design ever. It's a winking smiley face turned on its side to spell out "i-D". Thus, every single cover (and there have been over 300), across our entire 35 year history, has featured a winking cover star - bar one. That was for The Anarchy Issue, No. 82, July 90, mostly, well, because it was the "anarchy" issue. But the remaining three hundred and whatever models, musicians, actors, designers and personalities have flashed us a cheeky wink. From ice-creams to arachnids, the i-D team has got creative over the years. Now, to celebrate not only our 35th Birthday, but also the launch of our i-D covers site, here are 35 different ways to wink, i-D style. And always remember, the right eye's the right eye!

1. The Water Pistol
Feeling hot, hot, hot? Why not cool yourself down with a spot of outdoor water sports?

2. The Headband 
Not only limited to Cher Horowitz and Blair Waldorf, this is one of many wonderful ways to wear a headband.

The Health & Herpes Issue, No. 11, January 83

3. The Black Tape Cross
Now mostly seen concealing the nipples of young hipsters worldwide, the black cross made out of tape is a classic way to keep something out of sight.

The E=mc2 Issue, No. 16, May 84

4. The Foot
Not for the fainthearted, only try this if you are confident in your flexibility. We don't want to be responsible for any pulled hamstrings.

The Dance Issue, No. 35, April 86

5. The Eye-Patch
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We're devils and black sheep, we're really bad eggs. Drink up me 'earties, yo ho! An 'eartie eye-patch is one of the savviest ways to wink.

The Photographic Issue, No. 38, July 86

6. The Ruler
A ruler is a very important tool in your pencil case but always remember; never let schooling get in the way of your education!

The Education Issue, No. 40, September 1986

7. The Flash
The paparazzi can be extremely annoying with their flash bulbs and intrusive questions. Make sure you don't get caught like a deer in the headlights.

The Media Issue, No. 41, October 86

8. The Scratch
Got an itch? Scratch it! If your subject refuses to wink, DIY with the end of a safety pin!

The Good Sport Issue, No. 47, May 87

9. The Doodle
And if you forget to ask them to wink, write over it. This little piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way home.

The Plain English Issue, No. 48, June 87

10. The Gloved Hand
Who better to show you how it's done than dominatrix, Kylie? Hey sexy lady, I like your flow!

The Lovelife Issue, No. 90, March 91

11. The Make-Up Brush
Maybe you're born with it, maybe it's the work of an amazing hair and beauty team…

The Performance Issue, No. 101, February 92

12. The Dice
Roll the dice and SWEAR your love for me! The Scattegories dice on The Killer Issue were strangely menacing…

The Killer Issue, No. 169, October 1997

13. The Shadow
Never be afraid of your own shadow, it's time to embrace the darkness. The best things happen at night!

The Outrage Issue, No. 171, December 1997

14: The Leaf
i-D has always been about super nature, and what's more perfect to conceal your right eye, than this almond/eye-shaped leaf?

The Adult Issue, No. 179 September 1998

15. The Armor Ring
Be your own knight in shining armor.

The Forward Issue, No. 180, October 98

16. The Classic
A smile and a wink gets you further than you think…

The Serious Fashion Issue, No. 185, April 99

17: The Ice Cube
Brr! It's cold in here. There must Naomi in the atmosphere! Ice, ice, baby, it's the only way to cool down.

The Ideas Issue, No. 192, November 1999

18. The Lovers Lock
If you're in a couple, get your boyfriend or girlfriend to do it. It's hot.

The Inspiration Issue, No. 206, February 2001

19. The Army Officer Hat
What better way is there to be militant?

The Renaissance Issue, No. 207, March 2001

20. The Side Bang
Not restricted to emo teens and Taylor Swift, the side bang - when worn right - can be EVERYTHING.

The Gallery Issue, No. 208, April 01

21. The Backhand
"Not only is it a very useful defensive tool… it can also be a devastating attacking weapon."

The Sitting Issue, No. 219, April 02

22. The Chanel Visor
The only time you can legit wear a visor is when it is Chanel.

The Physical Issue, No. 231, May 2003

23. The Swimming Goggles
If you're swimming with sharks, you want to make sure you keep your distance. Goggles are all the better to see them with.

The Subversive Issue, No. 246, August 2004

24. The Eye Rub
It's natural, like you've got something in your eye. Can also be seen as the two finger salute.

The Masculine Issue, No. 251, February 05

25. The Rose
Don't be mistaken - the yellow rose may be beautiful, but it means I only love you as a friend…

The Scratch & Sniff Issue, No. 266, May 2006

26. The Peace Sign
If in doubt, wink, peace, pout! This is how you practice the "peace" section of this mantra:

The We Got Issues Issue, No. 273, February 2007

27. The Yellow Traffic Sign
Got a ride that's smoother than a limousine? Make sure everyone knows with your own personalized road sign.

The White Trash Issue, No. 276, May 2007

28. The Sparkler
You'll need a safety warning for this naked flame!

The Agyness Deyn Issue, No. 287, May 2008

29. The Artists' Interpretation
You can always ask your favorite artist to add his signature style to your winky-face.

The Stepping Stone Issue, No. 289, July 2008

30. The Hair
If you've got locks as dark and sleek as Susie Bick, that fall in a perfect, opaque curtain over your equally as beautiful face, then go for it.

The Best of British Issue, No. 297, March 2009

31. The Ice-Cream
I scream, you scream, we all scream for eye-s-cream!

The Pick Me Up Issue, No. 314, Pre-Fall 2011

32. The Pizza Slice
Being called a pizza face is never a good thing, unless you're Charlotte Free on the cover of i-D.

The Just Kids Issue, No. 320, Pre-Fall 2012

33: The Tarantula
Not suitable for arachnaphobes, letting a spider crawl across your visage makes for a wild wink.

The Wise Up Issue, No. 322, Winter 2012

34. The Bling Ring
Great for showing off your swag, the bling-ringed fist is another much-loved variation of the i-D wink.

The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14

35. The Braid
If you don't know how to braid - consult the web, there are plenty of step-by-step guides and it's a surefire way to gorgeous tresses.

The Music Issue, No. 335, Pre-Spring 2015

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