Mitchell Sams

mfw: pucci spring/summer 15

Flowers, flares and Naomi Campbell's fringe, experience the psychedelic 70s at Emilio Pucci.

by Anders Christian Madsen and Adam Fletcher
21 September 2014, 3:40pm

Mitchell Sams

As someone who hasn't lived in the 70s, you sometimes wonder what was so great about the decade that fashion seems to return to it every five years or so. You could refer to it as era fomo - a fear of missing out specific to a particular period in time - which is the impossible jam designers find themselves in whilst burying their noses in 70s Playboys and Robert Redford movies. On Saturday evening in Milan, Peter Dundas let it all out at Emilio Pucci and took his era fomo to the max. At 45, the designer very much lived in the 70s, but wouldn't have had a chance of comprehending all that glamour and sass, which no doubt only fuels his fomo. So close and yet so far.

Pucci Spring/Summer 15

Good thing, then, that he could work his frustrations out in a collection, which pretty much touched on every single corner of the decade in question, from the flared trousers to the little waistcoat, the flouncy dress to the bohemian milk maid number, and the prairie-inspired to the psychedelic. The latter was most glamorously portrayed by Naomi Campbell and her appropriate fringe, who sashayed their way down the runway in a floor-length tie dye number, which was Pucci all the way, and which actually caused such a loud "ooh", you could hear it over the Lana Del Ray soundtrack.


Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Mitchell Sams

spring/summer 15
mitchell sams