the future belongs to those who prepare for it

There's a time when teen spirit sticks to you like an unwanted skin. It's tight and exhilarating, self conscious, impatient. You want to hide behind it and peel it off at the same time. In Australia, it's shed with a 'knock down, get up again' attitude...

by i-D Staff and Britt McCamey
24 August 2015, 3:20pm

Adam Mundzic, Artist, 22
"I always really admired Bart Simpson. I love Bart, I'm obsessed with him, he's so cool. Like The Simpsons, my sister and I grew up together very close in age. I have a really weird style. My sister had a sort of tomboy style and would buy things and I would wear them. These clothes are hers. Growing up we would always share clothes. I guess I have aspects of female style in what I wear, but I still consider it masculine, cause I wear it in a masculine way, I suppose." 

"I've always thought of men and women and people who don't identify with any gender as equally strong. Even if they're 'strong,' there's a power in vulnerability. I don't really know about the future, what's going to happen. I just hope I'm still alive"

Adam wears vintage t-shirt Cream on Crown. Jeans Levi's. Shoes Dr. Martens.

Gus Holland-Burns, Art Student, 21
"It's been more the small things that have happened in my life which have forced me to look inward and change the way I feel about the world. Reading is a great way to kind of shift your consciousness and understand things in a different way. Nothing huge, nothing earth-shattering has happened in my life that has changed things, just slowly taking on an understanding of the world through education.

"Strength is a pretty complicated concept. Outside of a physical strength, I see it as the ability to admit when you're wrong and to kind of work on the things you have fucked up at. If you're able to allow yourself to be vulnerable, that in turn signifies an emotional intelligence that would help you to understand how other people are feeling I guess. That's the kind of strength I would aspire to."

Gus wears suit Casey Vidalenc. Shirt Uniqlo.

Jonno wears t-shirt American Apparel. Vintage jacket U-Turn. 

Jonno Revanche, Writer and Actor, 23
"I used to really look up to people like David Bowie, Saul Williams, Kanye West, Morrissey, the guys in punk bands I used to go and watch. I admired men who were controversial and who challenged masculinity and made us question ourselves. That's changed a lot over the years. I think mostly now I'm just disappointed because most of these men turned out to be swine. I think I find women just as inspiring as men, if not more. I admire their tenaciousness and ability to break molds. I find that struggle, overcoming hardship or oppression, is inspiring to me. I want to look up to myself."

Joseph wears top Di$count Universe.

Joeseph Bookalil, 18
"I like to challenge people in their perceptions with the way I dress. As a child I was constantly told I was a weirdo and as I grew up I guess I started to believe it. I started to use fashion to outwardly express the idea of 'weird'. It's easier to be expressive with men's fashion. It's more controversial if it's a man doing things. Stereotypically men don't get as much into fashion, though. I really admire Marilyn Manson because provoking people's thoughts has played a massive part in my life."

Martin wears t-shirt model's own. Jeans A Brand. Shoes Vans.

Martin Baily, Graphic Designer, 24
"Coming out was my coming of age. Figuring out you're gay, you wonder about the status quo, or the normal things, why you don't connect with them. So much that is pushed at you is for heterosexual consumption. If you look at video clips, there's very sexualized girls, and a lot of it's about masculinity. When you're watching that you're like 'why doesn't this resonate with me?' and then you put on some like other shit that you're into and you wonder 'why am I into this instead?'"

Dane Wang, Artist, 26
"I came of age when my dad left and I had to become the man of the house. I reckon that was the pivotal point -- the moment when I saw my mom as a person instead of the role she had fulfilled. It took me a while to adjust-- it was a slow process to understand -- but when I got it, things became easier."

Andrew Goeghegan, Mechanic, 22
"I will be a man! Absolutely! I've had a few times in my life where it was pretty hard and I had to mature quickly. Growing up my brother and I had this strong bond. He was living in a country town and I moved into the city and there was this kind of separation between us. But when we spoke, we were exactly the same. My brother was my role model. He taught me how to dress. He taught me how to act. He taught me how to respect myself. He was the person who guided me through all the the teenage rites of passage. He pushed me to believe in my passions because wherever they take you, they'll always be your strength."

Dane wears t-shirt Fucking Awesome. Pants Carhartt. Shoes Dr. Martens. Andrew wears t-short Neuw. Vintage jeans and boots CC's Flashback.

Jack wears vintage t-shirt. Jeans Levi's.

Jack Cowell, Musician, 25
"When I was growing up, I'd go out clubbing and take heaps of ecstasy. I was like 18 and I loved dressing up in women's clothing and wearing heels. To me, there was something punk about it. I still think things like cross-dressing and drag are really rock and roll. They're braver than, you know, standing in a leather jacket with a guitar. Over time I became lazy and stopped experimenting with how I look. But maybe just for the fact that I felt a bit uncomfortable in my own body. For the early stages of my life I was dealt a pretty tough card. I was gay and when you're a teenager, that's the last thing you want. For a really long time, there were events I didn't understand and I was really angry and confused about them as I grew older. The only way out for me was to go inwards until it was so painful that I had to break through that. The only way to do that was to really throw myself into the fire and burn and see if I came out the other side. I'm a little bit charred but I'm still here and as I'm slowly finding myself again I'm looking into, I don't know, showing off those other parts of my personality."

Kurt wears vintage turtleneck Cream on Crown. Trousers American Apparel. Boots Dr. Martens. 

Kurt Aaron James Johnson, Freelance Stylist, 22
"I feel like, especially in this day and age, there's much more depth and broad knowledge, thanks to the internet and stuff, that it's so much easier for one person to have a voice and so much easier to say something that we haven't really heard. Mostly growing up I've been influenced by women and rebellion. I find I try and rebel against everything that masculinity imposes against young males, it's very intense. I was brought up in a really Catholic house, and for me growing up was just rebelling against everything that masculinity was. The challenge is to overcome things and come out still smiling on the other side."


Text Britt McCamey and Jonno Revanche
Photography Britt McCamey and Alexis Alquino

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