​angel haze just dropped the first track off her new album

And it’s a banger.

by Felicity Kinsella
31 July 2015, 4:14pm

Apart from the split with her girlfriend Ireland Baldwin, Angel Haze has had a pretty quiet year -- until now. The Detroit rapper has released the first track, Impossible, off her upcoming album, Back to the Woods, and it goes pretty deep. In a Twitter Q+A, Haze said it was inspired by "my past situations. its easy to feel broken and deterred but when u have nothing u got no choice but 2 believe in u" and "lots of pain, lots of growth, lots of love i need and have lost."

She took to Twitter again to set the record straight on one lyric about the state of race in America, saying, "let me just clarify that I'm not racist "I got my middle finger up to white America for trying to white wash my blackness" is not a line for the general public. It's a line for all the white dicks in suits who tried to tell a young colored girl HOW TO BE. The whole point of it is that white kids already have enough role models who are visible with skin and pasts like them. Kids of color, however, do not."

Back to the Woods is slated for release on August 31. Check out Impossible below:

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