can miley and jeremy scott top her foam finger look for the vmas?

The designer and happy hippie are both unpredictable, but here are our predictions.

by Hana Beach
05 August 2015, 10:09pm

Jeremy Scott told today that Miley Cyrus's VMA looks are going to be outrageous. Whether or not the designs will be wilder than Miley's 2013 nude lingerie ensemble, the Cyrus-Scott collab is sure to be off the hook. (Especially since the duo already joined forces to create an outlandish "Dirty Hippie" collection in 2014.) Today, we dug through Jeremy Scott's long list of celebrity collaborations to make our Scott-Cyrus predictions:

1. Since Jeremy is someone who makes cartoonish designs and since Miley is someone who wears them, we expect to see outfits that are colorful, lively, and cartoonish. The pop-culture appropriating designer has already dressed most of his celebrity posse in outfits that reference silly American icons like Barbie and Spongebob.

2. Remember when Katy Perry collaborated with Jeremy for this year's Super Bowl and wore a starry silver dress that matched her hit Fireworks? So do we. And, we hope that we see another song-dress mashup soon. If any designer is going to turn a wrecking ball into a beautiful and iconic dress, it's going to be Jeremy Scott.

3. One look that seems inevitable is a super fun and rambunctious leotard. Yes, Miley wore a mouse-onesie to the 2013 awards. But we would love to see a new Jeremy Scott leotard to rival his half-shell Venusian Swimsuit that Devon Aoki wore on the 2007 cover of i-D.

4. In 2013, Rita Ora performed at The Party In The Paddock Festival in a rainbow sherbert adidas tracksuit designed by the Scott. So it wouldn't be surprising if Miley and Jeremy paid tribute to sportswear. And if her hosting is anything as athletic as her performance at the 2013 VMAs, it's essential she has something she can move in.

5. With Miley's love of pasties and strong support for the #freethenipple movement, we are garunteed to see some sort of homage to Miley's feminism. What the ode will be, we can only guess. But it doesn't seem like a simple pasty will cut it anymore, so maybe Scott will draw inspiration from his '07 ice cream dresses.


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