alphabet soup, an a-z of all our favourite words

From The Alphabetical Issue, i-D's 26 favourite words and phrases from 2013, from Awk to Ziam, see how things have changed in the last year by watching the A-Z Slang.

by Milly McMahon and Adam Fletcher
27 October 2014, 4:50pm

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Awk (noun) definition: colloquial abbreviation for "awkward".

Butterz (adj) definition: ugly.

Cray (adj) definition: abbreviation for the word "crazy".

Dench (adj) definition: anything amazing, incredible or overwhelming.

Excessorise (verb) definition: to accessorise excessively.

Floordrobe (noun) definition: a pile of clothes left on the floor of a room.

Gwan (noun) definition: term for describing an occurrence; i.e. Going out tonight, that's the gwan. What's your gwan?

Hot mess (adj) definition: when one's appearance is in complete pandemonium whilst keeping a high level of attractiveness.

I'mma (verb) definition: I will, I'm going to.

Juck (verb) definition: to poke/ stab/ push.

Knosh/ knoshing (verb) definition: food/ to eat food/ to nibble.

Lollage (verb) definition: the practice of using the text messaging abbreviation "LOL".

Mank (adj) definition: something that is of a disgusting manner.

Ovy (adj) definition: abbreviation for the word "obvious".

Pejazzle (noun) definition: decoration in the form of sequins, diamantes or gems on male genitalia.

Quadraboob (adj) definition: refers to a woman whose bra is way too small, which often gives the illusion of four breasts, rather than the usual two.

Ratchet (adj) definition: best describes an individual, situation or activity which possess ghetto/ trashy qualities.

Shade (adj) definition: an unpleasant attitude given towards a situation or an individual; i.e. "I'mma throw shade, if I don't get paid…" Lil Kim

Teckers (verb) definition: colloquial abbreviation for "technique".

Uglified (adj) to make something look unattractive, for example an outfit; i.e. "she uglified that nice outfit with THAT bag."

Vajazzle (noun) definition: decoration in the form of sequins, diamantes or gems on female genitalia.

Waved (adj) definition: to be intoxicated.

XO (noun) definition: abbreviation for ecstasy and Oxycodone, commonly used in music by artists such as Drake and The Weeknd; i.e. "that north north, that up top, that OVO and that XO."

YOLO (noun/verb): abbreviation of "You Only Live Once."

Ziam (noun) definition: the bromance of Liam Payne and Zayn Malik from One Direction.


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