the entertainment world responds to the orlando attacks

Miley Cyrus, Solange, Hari Nef, and Dev Hynes speak out following Sunday morning's devastating hate crime at a gay club in Orlando.

by Hannah Ongley
13 June 2016, 6:20pm


50 people were killed and 53 wounded in a shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of Sunday morning. In the wake of the senseless hate crime against a community already suffering from generations of oppression, everyone is struggling for words or pictures to convey their feelings. Here's how musicians, artists, and actors have spoken out to condemn the laws that facilitated the attack and show solidarity for its victims. 

Hari Nef
"In the wake of this tragedy it's vital to remember that last night was Latin night at #pulsenightclub with trans performers Jasmine Lopez and @kenyamichaels headlining," Nef wrote on Instagram, "so as much as we have to 'pray for humanity' or whatever half-baked erasure condolences you've got we have to fucking mobilize against the nationwide stigmatization of queer bodies particularly trans bodies particularly trans bodies of color like... an American did this in America empowered by U.S. laws this is not about Islam or a long since pink-washed notion of LGBT solidarity this is about how U.S. law permits arbitrary hatred of the most vulnerable minorities to sublimate into what can only be called genocide."

Devonté Hynes
"There are no more safe spaces, this is devastating," Hynes tweeted after news broke of the massacre. 

Miley Cyrus
"Sending so much love to the friends and family who lost loved ones in this devastating shooting in Orlando," wrote the outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights. "Sending peace to the souls injured and killed." Cyrus also Instagrammed a quote from Vice President Joe Biden reiterating that "prayers are not enough" and that "the targeting of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans is evil and abhorrent."

Olly Alexander
"Very upset and feel like just sending a tweet is very inadequate when people are dying and communities are suffering and fear is spreading," tweeted the Years and Years singer. "my love for the LGBTQ+ community goes on and on and on, I will grieve today and I will fight tomorrow."

Shamir Bailey 

Laura Jane Grace
"Waking up to news about the shootings in Orlando has me in tears," the Against Me! singer wrote on Twitter. She also spoke at length to Rolling Stone about hate crimes and gun control laws. "It's a horrible thought to say you should react differently - to be less out there, to be less visible, to have less pride, literally. But at the same time, be safe," Grace said. "I don't know what fucking advice to give to people in these types of situations. Trying to put myself in those situations, in a nightclub or in a show space or a signing to have something like that happen, there's nothing you can tell someone other than fucking survive."

"America must wake the fuck up," Solange wrote on Instagram. "A celebration of pride, identity, love, and life, now ends with hate and horrible, horrible tragedy. This world man... My heart goes out. Devastating."


Rowan Blanchard
Blanchard condemned those failing to label the attack as a hate crime against the LGBTQ community. "If you are going to say that the victims are in your thoughts and prayers but not bring up homophobia and gun control then please save your words," she tweeted. 

Josephine Skriver
The model, rainbow baby, and LGBT activist has written a beautiful and heartbreaking response to the attacks for the Huffington Post. "Today I am hurt," she wrote. "I am hurt that Muslims across this nation will undoubtedly receive more backlash because of one man's hate. I am hurt that people will use an act of homophobia to justify Islamophobia. I am hurt that this happened because these people were a part of the LGBTQ community, a community that helped raise me and taught me how to be kind, courageous, and accepting." Skriver also condemned U.S. gun laws and voiced her hope that people would start seeing "more than greyscale" in this world. "I am hopeful that love, one day, will come without an asterisk. I am hopeful that one day there will be more hands in hands than hands in guns. I am hopeful that we will unite. I am hopeful that one day people will not judge and see people as people: not gay. Not straight. Not Muslim. Not Christian. Just a person."

Madge Instagrammed a photo of two men kissing, with the caption, "Love is Love. Stop Hate Crimes. Any form of terrorism is a form of Hate! If this image bothers you why are you following me?? Tongues are not the problem. Intolerance is the problem."

Laverne Cox
"Heartbroken by the senseless shooting in #Orlando," the actress wrote on Instagram. "My love and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims." She also posted a series of quotes by leaders such as Nelson Mandela and President Obama, including Obama's reminder that the nightclub was "more than a nightclub — it was a place of solidarity and empowerment where people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to advocate for civil rights."


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