20 ways that female artists inspire ryan hemsworth more than male artists

You know that really great remix that you love? Yeah, it was probably by Ryan Hemsworth. The handsome Canadian prince of production has taken on everyone from Lil B to Grimes, and come out very much on top. A brilliant music maker in his own right too...

by i-D Team
01 May 2014, 3:35pm

1. Jessy Lanza - proof that there's hope for Canadians who want to make sexy R&B

2. Missy Elliott - after everything, you can own your image and take advantage of it. A little confidence (even if hidden away) and sense of humour can go a long way. 

3. Lorde - acne is okay

4. Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray) - in production, less is more, and there's always room to be weirder. 

5. Grimes - being one-sided is boring. Find a balance. Noise and silence; terror and beauty; Mariah Carey melodies and Araabmuzik drums. 

6. Lily Allen - an anti-mainstream mainstream career can be attained, and respected. 

7. Stina Nordenstam - whispering your thoughts can be a lot more powerful than screaming how you feel. 

8. Ke$ha - even if a lot of people hate you and think you're the worst, you can still be a huge success and write songs for the biggest pop stars in the world. 

9. Lykke Li - depression and post-breakup stages can make for the most sensual, intimate music. 

10. Beyonce - have self-respect, be independent and make yourself a powerful example of independence for others. 

11. Kitty (fka Kitty Pryde) - take advantage of the internet and talk with everyone; break the barriers that are usually between artists and fans because sometimes there's not that much of a difference. And that can also make certain artists just as interesting as the ones who act like they're from Mars. 

12. Sia - to some, the key to a successful and respected career is to avoid the spotlight, instead orchestrating everything from behind the scenes.

13. FKA Twigs - slower is always better

14. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - when you're on stage, you're seen as confident and worthy of being the center of attention - whether you actually feel that way or not. Clothes and cute animals are a good way to hide your shyness. 

15. Alanis Morissette - having an overall ~cute~, normal image gives you the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want; say raunchy stuff and reference weird unexpected shit and get away with it. 

16. Katy Perry - you can win over even your shittiest of haters if you're funny enough. 

17. Rihanna - you can rebrand yourself whenever you want. Figure out what you want and what feels natural and fun to you. Then commit. And Instagram your new self, a lot

18. Alice Glass - sometimes you just perform better the more fucked up you are. 

19. St. Vincent - you can always add more distortion to shit. 

20. Elin Kastlander (of jj) - sampling can go beyond lifting sounds straight from tracks. Interpolation can be even more exciting. Taking elements from songs like lyrics or beat patterns and remaking them and putting your own twist on them.



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