global dancefloor: warsaw

For Music Week, our i-D editors around the globe are giving you the lowdown on the best places to get down, telling us about the clubs that currently enjoy legendary status in their home cities. Here we go on a journey to Warsaw, where Luzztro rules...

by Basia Czyżewska
11 February 2015, 4:35pm

Luzztro could also be called the "never ending party." It was founded in 2003 and gained cult-status right from the start. Ever since its opening, it's become the go-to place after every party, every day of the week. It's the ultimate after party, with people staying through til noon — or sometimes the entire weekend — not wanting the party to stop. 

The atmosphere recalls Warsaw clubs from the 90s, and many people compare it to the best Berlin parties. Everyone heads there: gay people, straight people, taxi drivers, students, the fashion crowd. It doesn't matter who you are — if you're in Luzztro, you're there to get fucked up and go wild. So if you're craving hedonism, electronic and techno music and want to forget about the world when you're in Warsaw, you should definitely head to Luzztro.


Text Basia Czyzewska
Photography James Jin

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