neither of frank ocean’s 2016 albums will be eligible for the grammys

'Blonde' and 'Endless' were both released before the cut-off point, but neither was actually submitted for consideration. D’oh!

by Charlotte Gush
18 October 2016, 12:59pm

Bad news Frank Ocean fans (i.e. everyone): your elusive hero will not be getting the musical props he so obviously deserves at the Grammy awards, because neither of his 2016 albums are eligible, it has been reported. Although both Blonde and Endless were released within the time frame for the 2017 awards, neither album was actually submitted for consideration, so they are both out of the running.

We've all been the victim of a random admin error, but could there be something else going on here? Around the release, there were rumors that Endless was just a filler to close his contract with Def Jam, allowing the star-feature-stuffed Blonde (which was apparently a surprise to the label) to be released independently. After a relationship that was described in reports as a "bad marriage," could Def Jam have been feeling the burn and neglected to submit Ocean for awards consideration? Did the newly indie artist forget to do the kind of boring admin a label would normally take care of? Who knows. We'll find out who has claimed a prestigious Grammy nomination on December 8.

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