canada gets queerer with gender-neutral ids

Following a history-making appearance at Canada's Pride parade over the weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a very welcome announcement.

by Hannah Ongley
05 July 2016, 4:19pm


The best thing to come out of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marching in the country's Pride parade on Sunday — making history as the first Canadian PM to do so — wasn't even the epic photos. It was Trudeau riding his high into a television interview hours later, when he made an announcement that the country was planning to introduce something very dear to the queer community: gender-neutral ID cards. 

"That's part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice," Trudeau said to Toronto news channel CP24 about his plans to expand the options beyond "M" or "F." While he didn't go into specifics regarding what exactly the cards might look like, a government spokesperson confirmed that the aim was for identity documents "not to exclude people whose gender identity does not match the binary standard." The Last week Ontario followed in the footsteps of Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal by introducing a third gender option, "X," on driver's licenses. 

The Prime Minister has lately become a bonafide hero thanks to his progressive approach to social justice issues. Last November he gave Canada its first cabinet with an equal number of men and women, a month later he was photographed enthusiastically greeting a planeload of Syrian refugees, and in June he condemned the country's stance on restrictions for blood donations from gay men (the celibacy period was recently shortened from five years to one, which was still "not good enough" for Trudeau). Judging by these photos, it looks like equality is something he's legitimately ecstatic about. 


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