​watch the latest glitchy music video masterpiece from pc music

Danny L Harle has teamed up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek for Ashes of Love, an 80s style ballad turned disco pop banger.

by Charlotte Gush
19 May 2016, 2:55pm

For their latest mess-with-you-mind dish of digital distortion, PC Music have just released a new video for Danny L Harle's track Ashes of Love featuring Chairlift vocalist Caroline Polachek. Starting with pink bubble letters that spell out the song title, the video -- by Sam Rolfes of Chicago/Austin collective Join The Studio -- is like a virtual reality festival stage, all scaffolding and night sky above, with an IRL Caroline projected on the back and a dancing digital version of her twitching about below, waves of water splashing about her knees.

"Release me, from the lonely ashes of love (Ashes of love)," Polachek sings on the 80s ballad turned disco pop banger with Harle's trademark slicing synths and staccato pre-chorus build-up. It all ends with flying pink heart emojis, which is pretty much how we feel about it too. <3

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