imagine a world without gay people

A mysterious billboard that appeared in London today asked us to do just that. But why?

by Nick Levine
18 April 2016, 7:59pm

Londoners have been baffled today by a bizarre billboard poster asking them to imagine the capital "without gays." The mysterious poster, which is on display in several prominent locations including opposite Waterloo station, shows a deserted Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background and features no brand logo whatsoever.

What is this? It's not branded. "Imagine London without gays" #gay #london #advert ? Is it an advert?

— Louise Hutchinson (@malcomthird) April 18, 2016

The advert and variations including "Imagine Berlin without gays" and "Imagine Madrid without gays" also popped up on some Facebook feeds as a suggested post, leading to even more confusion among people at all points on the sexuality spectrum. "I don't get it," one Londoner wrote on Twitter, while others branded it "offensive," "gross," and "really strange." Chris Godfrey, assistant editor of gay lifestyle magazine Attitude, tweeted: "Trying to work out a punchline for this 'Imagine London Without Gays' advert which won't end in a shit storm." An employee of LGBT charity Stonewall tweeted at JCDecaux, the company that is hosting the poster, and received the following reply: "Hi Geoff, it's part of a campaign for the Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016. Please DM us if you need more info! Thanks." i-D has reached out to JCDecaux for further comment but has yet to hear back.


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