rihanna has secretly been helping a gay fan come out, via twitter dms

In case you need another reason to believe that BadGal is actually an angel.

by Hannah Ongley
14 April 2016, 3:15pm

It's difficult to believe that a superstar as mega as Rihanna takes the time to personally DM fans with heartfelt advice. But it's not impossible that Rihanna actually does do this, because she is the realest rock star to ever hit 58.9 million followers on Twitter. Remember the time she invited a fan backstage for dressing as the Rhenna meme? Or the time she bonded with Miranda July over wine and a phobia of big vaginas? Or the time she didn't GAF when Tidal leaked her entire eighth studio album for free? Now, fresh off the back of inspiring a new generation of future female game-changers at BET's Black Girls Rock!, BadGal is showing her good side again. According to Buzzfeed, in the sweetest Twitter DM convo ever known to the internet, Rih has been giving a gay fan inspiring advice on coming out to his friends. 

The jury is out on whether the DMs are 100% legit, but anyone who's ever experienced/Googled a Rihanna meet-and-greet wouldn't find it too shocking.

Apparently the fan hopes to be fully out of the closet by July, when he'll meet Rihanna IRL during her Anti tour. 


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