beyoncé ripped an earring out while performing and didn’t even flinch

A little bit of blood isn’t going to stop Queen Bey.

by Wendy Syfret
17 October 2016, 12:43pm

The earring and braid in question. Image via @beyonce

If you had any lingering doubts that Beyoncé was beyond human, she extinguished them over the weekend. During one of her performances at the benefit concert Tidal X 1015 Bey lived out the nightmare of any person with pierced ears: she accidentally ripped out an earring mid-performance. One of the ornate pieces of jewelry got caught in her long braid while she was dancing...with a hologram of herself, obviously.

Amazingly, she doesn't appear to flinch. It wasn't until a close up during the live stream revealed her bleeding ear that anyone noticed something had happened. Fans immediately began tweeting the star, urging her "Don't hurt yourself," later on in the set a visibly bleeding Beyoncé yelled to the crowd, "How ya'll feeling?"

Disturbingly, soon after the incident the hashtag #CutForBeyoncé started trending on Twitter with fans offering to injure themselves in solidarity. Most of the tweets appear to be fake, with people posting images of themselves holding prosthetic ears or images of Vincent Van Gogh. Joking or not, it's an unsettling demonstration of the commitment of the Beyhive.

At the time of publishing, Beyoncé hadn't yet commented on the event. 



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