watch the trailer for the final season of 'girls'

It's the beginning of the end.

by Georgie Wright
23 November 2016, 3:43pm

As the saying goes, all good things things come to an end, so it was inevitable that Girls would too. The trailer for the sixth and final season of Lena Dunham's HBO show has just been released, and follows Hannah and her crew stumbling around NYC in "their last chance to get it almost right."

Apart from Hannah's apparent new penchant for surfing, it looks like things haven't changed that much. Jessa and Adam are together; Marnie's still aspiring to lifestyles loftier than her bank balance as she swans around the city in a headscarf and convertible; Shosh is "kinda freaking out"; and Hannah, like her usual self and the majority of 20 somethings, is still lamenting the fact that "I haven't made my mark on the city yet."


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