my truth: anohni curates her first exhibition

The 'Hopelessness' artist presents her own work alongside subculture icons from around the world at a gallery in Germany.

by Jack Sunnucks
09 May 2016, 2:04pm

If you've listened to her new album, you'll know that Anohni effortlessly and obsessively blends the personal and the political, singing about the end of the world over waves of lush electronic sounds. Her latest project is Anohni. My Truth at the Kunsthalle Bielefield, an exhibition bringing together her own work and that of artists who are important to her.

The exhibition includes the photographs of Peter Hujar, whose work was integral to chronicling the AIDS crisis in late 80s New York -- through it, one sees a lost generation of artists and intellectuals. Alongside them, the sculptures of Californian artist James Elaine are shown for the first time in Europe. The trio is rounded out by Kazuo Ohno, the iconic Japanese dancer of Butoh who's so greatly influenced Anohni's work.

On the second floor, Anohni's own work will be shown -- for the last decade, she's been working on collage and hot wax pieces. The work deals with similar themes to her songs, the destruction of the environment melding with childhood worries.

Anohni. My Truth will be at the Kunsthalle Bielefeld July 23 - October 16.


Text Jack Sunnucks
Photography Anohni, Hopelessness album artwork

Kazuo Ohno
Peter Hujar
james elaine