premiere: marquis hawkes feat. timothy blake, 'tim's keys'

The dream duo are back with another banger on Marquis debut LP.

by James Hutchins
06 May 2016, 3:09pm

Marquis Hawkes and Timothy Blake are the house music duo that go together like bread and butter. The pair have been friends and collaborators for some time now, and it seems like everything that the pair touch turns to gold. Their collaborations together have been regulars with the likes of Aus Music. Now, the pair drop something for Fabric's sister label, Houndstooth.

Taken from Marquis's forthcoming debut LP, i-D is pleased to share the classy cut that is "Tim's Keys." Laced with funk and jazz fueled chords, and key solos from none other that Tim Blake, the track has had i-D HQ dancing since it landed in our inbox.

The Social Housing LP is an ode to Berlin's not-for-profit, association-managed social housing system. Speaking to Fabric's blog, Marquis explained, "Social Housing is named as such, because it's the environment I live in, the first thing I see every day when I walk out of my front door, and in effect, influences aspects of my life, including my music.

"Too often, particularly in the UK, the term is viewed negatively and equated with slum estates, broken windows and criminality. I want to show that something positive comes out of such schemes. The album Social Housing wouldn't have been possible to produce without the stability and security that social housing has given me and my family. "

The album consists of 12 brand new tracks showcasing Marquis' love for soulful vocal chops, analogue drum machines, and truck loads of groove. Press play on the i-D premiere of "Tim's Keys."

Pre order Marquis Hawkes, Social Housing here. 

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