video premiere: foxtrott, 'driven'

As the multi-talented Canadian prepares to release her debut album, this is just the beginning...

by Francesca Dunn
18 May 2015, 7:02pm

Foxtrott aka Marie-Helene Delorme is Montreal's latest musical export. Unlike many, she not only writes and sings her work, but produces it too. With the news that her debut album A Taller Us is due out on November 6 through One Little Indian, we are more than pleased to present the video premiere of the title track, Driven. Sticking to her clanky, catchy vibe, Marie's playful synth pop comes with a dark undertone cemented with a heavy throbbing bass. And because all the best music videos come with dance routines, this one provides them across multiple locations. Red rooms interchange with nighttime beaches and otherworldly pink rock scapes, making us want to move our bodies as set off on an adventure. "My goal was to find the perfect balance between rhythms and frequencies, the production style that I wanted to put forward, and lyrics and emotional presence expressed by the voice," she says. "It was a big challenge I set myself."

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One Little Indian