more than a model: andrea diaconu

We speak to Romanian model Andrea Diaconu to discover the causes close to her heart.

by i-D Team and Lynette Nylander
27 March 2015, 11:44am

Andreea Diaconu.

Where are you from?
Bucharest, Romania.

What issues are close to your heart and why?
Fighting against racism and homophobia in my own country, and building sustainable environment and economical growth in places such as Nairobi, where rape among 6-15 year olds is not uncommon.

Why did you get involved?
Because it was heart breaking. Cameron Russell linked me to Brittanie Richardson, who runs Art and Abolition and personally raises dozens of girls from the ages of 6 to 18... she's a hero. I've been linking them to people whom I think can help further as well as helping any way I can.

What can we do to help?
Donate, 10, 20, 50 dollars helps a lot! $550 pays for a whole year school tuition helping the girls not relapsing, healing and educating them into empowered women. Also get my sneakers at Twins for Peace if you're still into sneakers when they're out. All proceeds go to Arts and Abolition.

Where can we learn more?
Go to I think the Rainforest Connection is awesome, so you should send your old smart phones to them too at

What does the word activism mean to you?
I'm not an activist, but I think you can bring social change by starting a domino effect in your community if you're simply being kind and caring. Finding ways of interlinking paths that are sometimes right in front of us in order to provide help without offending cultures, people and traditions is what I'm actively interested in.

What would you stand up for?
Gender Equality. Stop the poaching for ivory... Can I stand up for that? It's somehow still happening. A lot. The situation in Syria is heart wrenching. Especially in the times were living in. It's mind boggling. It would've been shorter to ask what I wouldn't stand up for. How could we all make the world a better place? Everyone can do little things like recycling, taking shorter showers and making kids giggle. 

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