fashion joins the fight in indiana

This morning, Gap Inc and Levi’s CEOs Art Peck and Chip Bergh made a joint statement against the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, arguing discrimination is “unquestionably bad for business.”

by Emily Manning
01 April 2015, 8:44pm

Last week, Indiana's Republican Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. The law says that the state cannot "substantially burden a person's exercise of religion," and its critics argue that this measure effectively enables discrimination based on sexual orientation when religious freedom is cited as justification.

Everyone from Hillary Clinton to Miley Cyrus has spoken out against the law; Ron Swanson actor Nick Offerman even canceled the Indiana stop on he and wife Megan Mullally's comedy tour. This morning, two American fashion industry heavyweights, Gap Inc. and Levi's CEOs Art Peck and Chip Bergh, made their voices heard, issuing a joint statement against the new law.

"As Indiana, Arkansas, and states around the country enact and consider legislation that perpetuates discrimination, we're urging state legislatures to stand up for equality by repealing and voting against these discriminatory laws," the CEOs said. Not only are these kinds of laws and legislation "unquestionably bad for business," the pair stated, but they more importantly "turn back the clock on equality and foster a culture of intolerance."

As designers like Meadham Kirchhoff and Vivienne Westwood make greater pushes for equality on the runway, we've gotta wonder whether the Indiana controversy will inspire America's designers to create more politically-minded collections next season. 


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