another classic 90s horror has been remade

Remember ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ on Nickelodeon? It's back.

by Douglas Greenwood
05 August 2019, 2:26pm

Mystery footsteps, crashing thunder, swaying boats in a harbour and the ghostly laughter of children. For 10 years, the original opening sequence of Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? succeeded in freaking the hell out of a generation. Sure, it was a kid’s show, but similar to its contemporary, Goosebumps, it succeeded in low-key terrifying everyone.

And so, in the spirit of rebooting literally anything that was semi-popular or scary in the 90s, two decades after it left out screen the show is returning. A short but monumentally messed-up teaser trailer dropped this weekend, and fans of the original are already hyping themselves up for its return. It doesn’t give away much: just flashes of clowns, Frankenstein faces and zombies clambering out of their graves.

It’s thought the new series will tap into the same format as the old, which followed the Midnight Society: a group of schoolkids who would congregate around a campfire in the woods late at night and swap ghost stories.

The show’s modern reboot was reportedly meant to manifest in movie-form earlier this year, but those plans were scrapped. Instead, it’s returned to its original home on the Nickelodeon channel, airing in three parts as a miniseries around Halloween 2019.