alienstock: the festival brought to you by the organisers of 'storm area 51

Drop the line-up!

by Roisin Lanigan
15 August 2019, 12:37pm

Every time we’re like “yeah, this Area 51 thing has reached peak weirdness," it surpasses our own expectations. Since the idea was conceived last month, the Facebook group set up to storm Area 51 has become a viral sensation. So much so that a livestream of the event is being planned and the US Army have began taking steps to secure the top secret facility.

But the US Army didn’t reckon on the storming of Area 51 being turned into Nevada’s own Glastonbury! Yes, the latest twist in this extremely odd tale is that the event will now be a music festival, known tentatively as "Alienstock". Taking inspiration from the iconic Woodstock festival (duh), Alienstock is set to take place between the 19th and 22nd of September. So, there is plenty of time to get your tickets sorted.

While no acts have been announced yet, the festi already has its own dedicated website. On it, Alienstock promises to be a “party in the desert” with “camping and music”, “art installations”, and “surprise performances”. Burning Man is shaking!

Alienstock will take place in Rachel, Nevada, so not technically in the Area 51 facility itself, if we’re splitting hairs. The town, however, is the closest to the facility and located “down the extraterrestrial highway" according to the organisers, which is why it was chosen. “They can’t stop us from gathering and celebrating aliens!”, Alienstock proudly proclaims on its website.

You know what, we support it. Fiver says Lil Nas X will end up headlining this.

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